Author: Stacia Deutsch
Category: Children's
Cover Type: Paperback

Bruce Wayne was not always the fearless and triumphant Batman. Bruce trained relentlessly in the mountains and down in the city gutters—learning to overcome his nemeses with confidence and skill. As Bruce Wayne transformed into Batman, he became a beacon of hope for Gotham's residents, and the symbol of dread for Gotham's villains.

But when a villain called the Joker comes to town, Batman faces one of his biggest challenges yet. With the help of Lieutenant Jim Gordan and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman attempts to shut down the Joker before the Joker shuts down Gotham—but not before he finds that his allies may be his enemies. Can Batman save the city on his own, and still be the beloved hero he once was?

Audience: Ages 8 and up
PageNumber: 144
ISBN: 978-0062132277
Price: $5.99
CopyrightDate: 2012


“The first in a tween series about the undead, this follows Megan Murry as she deals with her new zombie state and her new boarding school. A far cry from Night of the Living Dead, Deutsch’s story infuses humor into the horrors of middle school and decaying human bodies. She also rewrites the widely accepted rules of zombie behavior; there’s no human-flesh eating here (the Zombie Academy is vegetarian), the transformation takes centuries but immediately confers immortality, and infected people can talk and walk just fine (running is more difficult). The virus (here called Zombitus) does affect the memory, however, which hampers Megan’s efforts to figure out her new surroundings and find the virus antidote. In creating the three popular students who target Megan, Deutsch reminds us that evil cliques never die, but along the way she has plenty of fun with gross details (festering head wounds!), disgusting cafeteria choices, and annoying zombie symptoms.”