Book Title: THIN SPACE
Author: Jody Casella
Category: Children's
Format: Chapter Book

Debut Author of the Paranormal Fantasy YA ages 14 and up

Rights Retained: ISBN: 978-1-58270-435-7
Price: $16.99
CopyrightDate: 2013


“A creepy supernatural chiller sets up a gut-punch of desolation and loss … Casella’s debut is a viscerally raw examination of grief, in which the universal question of adolescence—“who am I?”—becomes “who am I without you?” The spare prose, wherein the bleak New England weather seems more real than the characters vaguely swirling across Marsh’s awareness, immerses readers in his ratcheting desperation. His first-person voice throbs with agony, guilt and anger, all felt through a foggy numbness that fails to conceal that Marsh is hiding something crucial. This very unreliability propels a gripping narrative, even though little actually happens. Those who manage to hang on through the devastating climax will immediately turn back to the beginning to catch the clues they missed. Brutal and brilliant.

Starred Kirkus

“A spooky story of the highest order…atmospheric and chilling.”