Book Title: RAWR!
Author: Todd H. Doodler
Category: Children's
Publisher: Scholastic

From Todd Doodler, the creator of BEAR IN UNDERWEAR!, comes a silly story about a polite, well-behaved Tyrannosaurus Rex who discovers that being a dinosaur is tough work.

Rex is bigger than all the other kids in class. He's bigger than his teachers! His gym clothes don't fit. His desk is too small. And he is horrible at playing hide-and-seek.

But worst of all, everyone thinks he's super scary!

But that doesn't get Rex down! Instead he teaches everyone exactly why being different is great in this hilariously heartwarming story about making friends, getting along, and learning to say RAWR!


Why we like it: Who doesn’t love friendly cartoon dinosaurs? Rex just wants to fit in. But, for some reason, everyone thinks he’s scary. An entertaining and silly read with an enjoyable twist. This will leave you chuckling. And, the cover has a puffy version of Rex which makes the book even more fun. Ages: Preschool and Kindergarten: 3 - 5 years

ISBN: 978-0545511186
Price: $12.99
CopyrightDate: 2013


“... (Doodler) succeeds in creating another cuddle-worthy hero (the cover of the book even features the green dino in plush relief) who possesses an ideal mix of friendly vulnerability and impressive exceptionalism. The bright, bold cartooning the good-hearted plea to look beyond first impressions and preconceptions make this a solid conversation starter for a new year of preschool or kindergarten."