Book Title: THE KISS BOX
Author: Bonnie Verburg
Category: Children's

In this sweet story about separation anxiety, Mama Bear and Little Bear find a way to send kisses to each other when they are apart.

In this soothing love story between mother and child, Mama Bear offers various vessels to contain their love while they are apart, but none seem right. It's not until Little Bear suggests that they make each other a Kiss Box filled with a hundred kisses that they are able to stay connected, no matter where they are. Whether it be an errand to the grocery store, a business trip, or the first day of school, this is a tender reminder that we are always together where it matters most: in our hearts.

Notes: Book of the Year

An Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award Winner

ISBN: 978-0545112840
Price: $16.99
CopyrightDate: 2011


"Debut picture-book author Verburg structures the story … with a steady, soothing pace. . . Similar in subject matter to Audrey Penn's The Kissing Hand, but a whole lot more artful, this fresh take will motivate younger children to create boxes of their own."


"Verburg handles her emotionally freighted material (based on personal experience, according to the endnote) with a light, patient touch, giving Little Bear's qualms their full due before introducing his solution."


The “Storyteller’s Note” at the end makes explicit what many parental readers will already have surmised—that the kiss box is as helpful for mamas as it is for the cubs they miss.

Diane Foote