HOW TO PLAY (THE HARMONICA)  And Other Life Lessons

Book Title: HOW TO PLAY (THE HARMONICA) And Other Life Lessons
Author: Sam Barry
Category: Adult
Format: Nonfiction
Publisher: Gibbs Smith
Cover Type: Paperback

Sam Barry uses his years of experience as a music teacher to teach lessons of another kind: how to become happier, how to become less stressed, and how to be more playful. Using that most humble of instruments, the harmonica, as a vehicle, he shows the reader how to overcome negative self-image and inhibitions and start playing … in every sense of the word.

Indeed, with chapters addressing essential life skills, How to Play provides the tools and tips you need to become an expert at playing at life!

Sam can play with the best of them, but he also plays with the worst of them: despite the fact that he is a good musician, Sam is a proud member of the notorious author band, the Rock Bottom Remainders.


Audience: Adult
PageNumber: 144
Price: $10.00
CopyrightDate: 2009