Will & Grace:  Fabulously Uncensored

Book Title: Will & Grace: Fabulously Uncensored
Author: NBC Enterprises
Category: Adult
Format: Nonfiction
Publisher: Time Inc. Home Entertainment
Cover Type: Paperback

Will & Grace: Fabulously Uncensored gives a tantalizing peak at all of the hilarious secrets behind the creation of this groundbreaking TV show. In-depth interviews with the creators and crew reveal how the show goes from concept to script to screen each week, season to season. The cast share their favorite moments, dish about their roundabout journeys to “Will & Grace,” and talk about the ways in which they and their characters have developed over the life of the show.

A lavishly illustrated episode guide discloses lost scenes, last-minute line changes, and other juicy details. There’s also plenty of scoop on high profile guest stars, recurring characters, and other interesting personalities who’ve dated, dumped, crossed, or otherwise shared airtime with the ensemble.

PageNumber: 192
ISBN: 1-932273-40-9
Price: $20.00
CopyrightDate: 2004