FLASH FRAMES:  A New Pop Culture

Book Title: FLASH FRAMES: A New Pop Culture
Author: Laurie Dolphin / Stuart Shapiro
Category: Adult
Format: Nonfiction
Publisher: Billboard/Watson Guptill
Cover Type: Paperback

Whether creating their own independent animated clips or working with some of the biggest names in the music world--such as Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Todd Rundgren, Dr. Dre, and Phish--Flash artists maximize this software's high resolution, intense saturation of color, and quick speed to create some of the hottest content on the web. Flash Frames: A New Pop Culture celebrates the work of 40 of the most innovative media artists currently using this program, showcasing the work of everyone from veteran celebrity animators like Russ Heath to such cutting-edge cult heroes as Joe Cartoon. Readers will discover the apocalyptic landscape of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here"; the high-spirited adventures of Marina Zurkow's mutant-cute superheroine Braingirl; and dozens of other dazzling, full-color examples covering an array of subjects and styles.

PageNumber: 128
Price: $25.00


"A timely, sexy overview of both the phenomenon--an emerging art form accessible on the internet--and the internet community of artists themselves, FLASH FRAMES will prove to define a new generation of media artists and their flash art animation."