Mehrdokht Amini

An Iranian-born illustrator now living in the UK, internationally lauded Mehrdokht Amini is a rising star. As such, she is a White Ravens honoree, a 2017 participant in the Bratislava Biennial of Illustrations, a winner of the Children’s Africana Best Book Award, and a Kate Greenaway Medal nominee. As a collaborator, Mehrdokht sees every new project as the magic wardrobe in the Chronicles of Narnia – a way into a world of wonders. But in this world, the wonders are her creations.

Mehrdokht’s art – created in acrylic, markers, ink, and photo collage  –  is luminously  layered, and often spikes riotous color with snippets of cut-out text. Though Mehrdokht has always been an ardent supporter of digital techniques, her process is to start her illustrations traditionally. She loves the imperfections traditional means allow, like an unintentional paint drop or the errant stroke of a brush, giving the work more personality and spontaneity. With magical, richly textured, vividly hued collages, Mehrdokht’s boisterous visuals soar with brilliance.

Mehrdokht decided to be an artist when she was still in secondary school. She went on to earn a degree in graphic design in Iran and started illustrating books while in college. However, it was only after moving to the UK that Mehrdokht felt completely free to express her feelings through art.