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Gaby Triana

ISBN: 978-1633753518

Copyright Date: 2016

Rights Retained: Performance, dramatic, musical, radio, television, motion picture and allied rights

Price: $9.99


Award-winning Gaby Triana’s WAKE THE HOLLOW, an eerie, gothic Legend of Sleepy Hollow reimagining set in the modern-day town, where Micaela must reconcile her ghostly visions with her supposed lineage as Washington Irving’s descendant, with the help of her former best friend turned crush ...

Uncover the real legend...





A “...page-turning, eerie novel …The action scenes echo the rhythms of hoofbeats, and the reader’s pulse should pound along with Michaela’s. It’s indeed ambitious to write a horror story involving Irving and Shelley, titans of the genre; luckily, Triana turns out to be up to the challenge, with a smart, unusual take on the true legend of Sleepy Hollow… A spooky and satisfying literary mystery.”


“Equal parts dreamy and eerie, Gaby Triana’s Wake the Hollow is a thrilling teen mystery set against the backdrop of a ghostly legend. Exquisitely written! Loved it!”

Virna DePaul

“A chilling, smart mystery. I could almost hear the hoofbeats!”

Alex Flinn
author of BEASTLY

“OMG!!! This retelling of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow surpassed all my wildest expectations and then some. The cover is stunning and the author’s creative take on this ghostly read is simply outstanding. I was on the edge of my seat throughout this read that captivated me from beginning to end. This is an ominous read that will delight and scare you.

YA Book Divas

Wake The Hollow is a vivid adrenaline rush … an amazing action-packed story.”

Suze With Love for Books

” Wake the Hollow takes ahold of you, with an unrelinquishing grasp, as if the Headless Horseman himself has you within his sights.”

Amy Shane
Dixon’s Independent Voice

“Wonderful spookiness!”

LynnDell Watson
Hugs n Kisses for Books & Delta High School Media Specialist