While we are dedicated to our established stable of author and illustrators, we are selectively open to new talent – both published and debut. That said, we mold our client list from the many hundreds of submissions we receive each month, and the process is both subjective and based on the focused direction of the Agency. Most of our clients come to us through exclusive referral.

Unless you are referred to us by an existing client, at the current time – based on the high volume of queries – we are closed to unsolicited queries or submissions for the near future. If you are interested in submitting after that time, please adhere to the following guidelines:

*The most productive query will include a marketing “handle” or description of your book in sound bites that are clear, compact and commercial along with a “jacket flap” summary.  Sell us, don’t just tell us!  Include your credentials, any publishing history, and how you were referred to us; if you are querying several other agencies simultaneously, we ask that you mention this in your query letter.

*If you are a novelist, you may include the first three (3) chapters of the work; please do not submit the entire work unless specifically requested.

*If you are a picture book writer, you may include two (2) manuscripts; please do not submit any additional manuscripts unless specifically requested.

*If you are an illustrator, please include information regarding website portfolio links, if applicable; otherwise, attach a limited sampling of pieces; please do not send original artwork under any circumstance; we do not take responsibility for damage or loss of any original artwork that may be sent to us.

*If additional work is requested following the query letter, we prefer exclusive consideration of the requested work for one (1) month.

*Unsolicited e-mail query letters or submissions may not be responded to. While we have always striven to provide the courtesy of a response to all queries, you will hear back from us only if we’re interested; we’re not responsible for manuscripts submitted without regard to this policy, which supersedes any information listed in writers’ guides or on other websites.

You’ll be best served by an agent/agency who feels as passionate about the Work as you do–a necessary requisite of the book’s best advocate–and we hope that’ll be us!