Children's Books


Gaby Triana

Publisher: HarperCollins

Copyright Date: 2004


She's named after a landform.

She learned to walk on the red carpet.

And now she's playing hostess to the nation's hottest pop star.

Desert McGraw hasn't exactly had a normal upbringing. Her dad fronts the popular rock band Crossfire, and her mom is the group's manager. Always on tour or sitting in on recording sessions, Desert leads a life that looks glamorous to most people.

But now that she's sixteen and living in yet another new town -- Miami, this time -- Desert is more than ready to call one place home. There's one problem, though: How do you know whom to trust -- let alone what guy to hook up with -- when all any-one wants is access to the band?

Funny, romantic, and filled with essential rock-star etiquette (the proper attire for cruising in a Jag convertible, how to introduce new friends to your leather-wearing dad, etc.), BACKSTAGE PASS is a look at what happens when real life meets every girl's dream.


“Alluring. Readers will find that this tale strikes some true notes.”

Publishers Weekly

“With its unique look at culture shock, this is a fast–paced and enjoyable read.”

School Library Journal