Adult's Books

Author: Sonya Nimri

ISBN: 0-8230-9996-2

Publisher: Watson Guptill

Copyright Date: 2008

Audience: Adult

Cover Type: Paperback

Format: Nonfiction

Price: $15.00


Everybody loves beading--it’s one of the most popular categories in crafting. So why does every DIY jewelry book look exactly the same? Except this one! Author and domestic diva Sonya Nimri breaks through the same-old same-old mold with 25 fresh, fashion-forward projects. From basic techniques to bodalicious trinkets, Beadalicious is packed with ideas and advice. Trendsters will love the jewelry, which shows exactly how to combine new and recycled vintage beads to create earrings, necklaces, rings, hair ornaments, and more. Step-by-step directions and fun, colorful photos make Beadalicious the perfect crafting book for the young and the trendy everywhere.


Second of 2-book series: