Children's Books


Naomi Kinsman

ISBN: 978-0-310-72664-7

Publisher: Zonderkidz/FaithGirlz!

Copyright Date: 2011

Rights Retained: Motion picture/television/radio/video; dramatic adaptation; live-stage adaptation

Audience: Ages 9-up

Cover Type: Paperback

Format: Tween Novel

Price: $7.99


Book 2 in the "From Sadie's Sketchbook" series

In the second book of From Sadie’s Sketchbook by Naomi Kinsman, Sadie learns about the nature of God and his love when she works to help save one of the local bears, and finds herself becoming friends with her worst enemy, Frankie, in the process.

Can You Ever Trust the Enemy? Things finally seem to be falling into place for Sadie. Bear season is over, and her relationship with her art teacher is on the mend. Her home life is going better than ever, and even her enemy, Frankie, wants to be friends. But can Frankie be trusted? Ruth and Andrew think she’s spying for her father, helping him find a way to capture Sadie’s favorite bear. But Sadie suspects something else is going on with Frankie. She must decide who to trust and find out if—and how—her growing faith can get her through.