Children's Books


Erin Dealey


Luciana Navarro Powell



“Diversity, love and affection depicted visually, and a small format easily shared between an adult and a child add up to good choices for Grandparent’s Day or the year round.” — Kirkus

From the United States to Brazil to Thailand to Mexico, these books share the many ways in which grandparents spend time with their grandchildren. Some study bugs, or fish together. Others dance to various kinds of music or learn about gardens or sports. Some live close by while others live far away. Some see each other every day or week while others communicate by cell phones or iPads. Some teach about tools or the great outdoors, but no matter in which country the families live, grandparents and grandchildren love to spend time together. Dealey’s simple rhyming text paired with Navarro Powell’s rich mixed-media illustrations will charm the preschool set and would be a fine addition to any home or school library.