Children's Books


Erin Dealey

Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press


Here comes kindergarten! Whether your little reader is gearing up for the first day or making his or her way through the school year, K is for Kindergarten will guide them with silly rhymes and fun activities from A to Z.




The alphabet frames this collection of activities for kindergarten, highlighting 26 (and more) words and challenges for youngsters anticipating the highlights of a school day. As rhyming verse introduces each activity, a sidebar lists Countdown and Challenge activities for more adventurous readers and their parents… Amid the expected sights, a bit of humor features the impossibility of bringing a beloved pet elephant to school. “P.S. If your elephant is too big to sit on your desk, please leave him at home!” In contrast to the subdued palette of the cover, the interior art is vibrant and active… VERDICT A suggested general purchase for most libraries, this well-organized book will encourage readers to practice new words, learn through hands-on creativity, and face new challenges. A solid selection for one-on-one and small group sharing.-School Library Journal

As the first day of kindergarten approaches, kids can read about what to expect, and discover related activities. Each letter of the alphabet offers a starting point for a rhyme and things to do. “F is for all the smiling faces/of the new kids that you meet./Some may ride the bus to school./Some might live right down the street.” The corresponding page asks: “Do you live close to your school or far away? How will you get there? By bus? By foot? Make a chart of all the ways students might travel to your school.” The snappy rhymes and thought-provoking challenges offer a chance for parent-child bonding and a way to build excitement for the big day.

“In this book, readers get two books. One is an alphabet book, counting down the days before the first day of Kindergarten, and the second is an activities book, providing the anxious/excited child activities to both entertain and teach…This book is a delight to the ear and eye and includes pages of interactive things to do.” —Books for the Curious Child

“Packed with interesting and engaging things to do, this alphabet book is a must for families who have a child who is going to go into kindergarten.” —Through the Looking Glass Children’s Book Reviews

“A great way to kick off a landmark year in a child’s life.”–NCTeacherStuff

K is for Kindergarten” by Erin Dealey is an A to Z book filled with cute rhyme and A to Z activities for kindergarteners, such as looking at a calendar to see how many days until school starts, and tips for reading.”

Ms. Dealey’s prose is sweet, age-appropriate and stimulating for eager young minds. Artist Joseph Cowman’s illustrations are bright, colorful and super-kid friendly. All in all, this book’s content, concepts, illustrations and packaging makes it a win-win for everyone. —Picture Book Depot

Written with a charming originality by Erin Dealey in combination with the artistry of illustrator Joseph Cowman, K is for Kindergarten is an absolute ‘must have’ addition to both preschool, elementary school and community library picture book collections. —The ABC Shelf

But this is more than an A-Z of events: it includes a ‘kinder countdown’ and a ‘kinder challenge’ with each alphabet letter to encourage additional insights into what kindergarten and school means and is especially effective when parents choose it for reading aloud. —Donovan’s Bookshelf

For parents, Dealey and Cowman offer Kinder Countdown and Kinder Challenge on many pages. Those are activities to do with your child and conversation-starters, as well as tips to make it a great school year. —The Bookworm Sez