Children's Books

Author: Patricia MacLachlan

ISBN: 978-0385376938

Publisher: Random House

Copyright Date: 2013

Format: Picture Book

Price: $17.99


In Snowflakes Fall, Newbery Medalist Patricia MacLachlan and award-winning artist Steven Kellogg portray life’s natural cycle: its beauty, its joy, and its sorrow. Together, the words and pictures offer the promise of renewal that can be found in our lives—snowflakes fall, and return again as raindrops so that flowers can grow.

MacLachlan and Kellogg, who are longtime friends, were moved to collaborate on a message of hope for children and their families following the tragic events in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012. Kellogg lived in Sandy Hook for thirty-five years—he raised his family there and was an active member of the community. With Snowflakes Fall, they have created a truly inspiring picture book that is both a celebration of life and a tribute to the qualities that make each individual unique.

In honor of the community of Sandy Hook and Newtown, Random House, the publisher of Snowflakes Fall, has made a donation to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund. Random House is also donating 25,000 new books to the national literacy organization First Book in the community’s honor and in support of children everywhere.


Newbery Medalist Patricia MacLachlan
Award-winning Steven Kellogg

These stellar talents were moved to create this book by the events in Connecticut and have dedicated it to the communities in Newtown.


“This peaceful piece begins on the endpapers with a happy scene of children peeking-out amid flowers and trees. As the eye pans across the spread, the seasons change—autumn leaves, then snowflakes, float down. The book begins its powerful meditation on the cycle of life. Beautifully paced, readers will savor the descriptions as well as the delightful panoramas of children playing in the snow. Together, the poem and evocative watercolors tug at deeper emotions. Even as MacLachlan describes the flakes—“Each one a pattern / All its own— / No two the same— / All beautiful”—readers intuit she is also celebrating the children. In the extended metaphor, icy flakes strike the window pane in the dark, causing fright, but the morning promises to be brilliant. When rain, as it must in nature, washes the snow away, it helps summer flowers grow. Youngsters are left with joyful memories of snow angels and winter fun. This is a graceful homage to the inevitable seasons of life and remembrances of loved ones and times past. Whether or not they are familiar with loss and grief, children will feel the healing power of this hopeful, uplifting book.”

These stellar talents were moved to create this book by the events in Connecticut and have dedicated it to the communities in Newtown.