Children's Books


Sarah Lynn Scheerger

ISBN: 978-1609055011

Price: $12.99


The Boulder Brothers offers a longer page count than picture books, but a lower word count than chapter books of the same extent. Mo and Jo are fun-loving cavemen whose antics will surely delight kids, especially boys. Follow them as they attempt to de-stink themselves, play hide-and-seek, and make fire.

Mo and Jo, aka the Boulder Brothers, join JUMP • INTO • CHAPTERS with a series of pre-hysterical escapades. In the first chapter, Me Stink?, something’s smelly! Is it Jo? Is it Mo? Is it both? Though kids will know who’s the real odor-offender, they’ll have fun watching the caveboys try to figure out the source of the stench. Hide and Peek, Chapter 2, has Jo teaching Mo how to play his favorite game. But does Mo really not understand the rules? Or is he a peek-and-cheater? And who will have the best ideas for warming up in Me Cold!? Will a prehistoric beastie mind when they try to borrow some fur? Though Mo and Jo both speak caveman-ese, educators can be assured that the accompanying narration will offer kids a correct rendition of grammar and sentence structure. But don’t be surprised to hear Boulder Brothers’ fans declare, “Me want more MO AND JO!”



“A limited vocabulary, oversized font, and lots of word repetition will quickly build reader’s confidence, and the goofy mini-plots and earthy humor will have them looking for the sequel.” The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

These caveboys’ antics are sure to attract [Mo] Willems’s readers who are ready to move on to other titles. VERDICT Funny and adventurous.” – SLJ 

“Lynn’s dialogue, consisting of basic vocabulary words; chuckleworthy narration; and large-format, easy-to-read layout are endearingly entertaining and create fun and accessible experiences for a new reader. Sure to leave young fans demanding more!

More Mo! More Jo!” Booklist

I’m always on the lookout for early readers, and this book the from the Jump Into Chapters series by Blue Apple Books is one that stood out to me. Mo and Jo speak “cavemen-ese”, an excellent device for emerging readers who need things to be basic. And with stories about odd smells and games of hide and peek, it sounds funny too.

“This is probably going to be one you either hate or love as it’s rather like Ook & Gluk by Dav Pilkey in that there is toilet humour and bad grammar ala caveman-speak. I thought it was adorable and know my sons would have loved it when they were around six or so. While the sentences read like “Dick and Jane”, the three little chapters are silly and the artwork is cute. Each two-page spread is full-colour with one or two short narrative sentences and comic speech bubbles.”