Andrew Root

Children's Author

Andrew Root is a children’s book author from rainy Portland, Oregon. He writes books about hamsters, unicorns, dinosaurs — really whatever pops into his mind on a given day. His debut book "Hamsters Don't Fight Fires!" was published by Harper Collins and his most recent book "Nerdycorn" was released by Beach Lane / Simon & Schuster.

With a background in mental health counseling and extensive experience in school management, Andrew is highly active in both community mental health and the public education system.

Having worked as a therapist, Clinical Manager, and Director of Operations for programs supporting  youth & adolescents, Andrew has seen first-hand the social and academic impact that a good book can have upon the reader.

When not writing, Andrew enjoys running absurd distances and playing soccer in the backyard with his wife, two children, and dog.

Andrew Root is represented by Ana Crespo.