Ernesto Cisneros

Children's Author

Ernesto Cisneros is a bright new star on the literary scene. Stay tuned for his powerful MG debut, the socially timely and morally relevant EFRÉN DIVIDED, a contemporary slice-of-life torn from today’s headlines. Important, vital, and impactful, Ernesto’s novel will help us straddle “the divide.”

In Ernesto’s own words:

Having grown up, and now teaching, in a predominantly Latino community has served to educate me about the need for diversity in literature. I have seen many students grow up battling a sense of disentitlement, one fostered in part by the books that are (or more importantly are NOT) available for them to read. They are raised believing that being Latino means that they’re not important enough to be written about. We must teach students to appreciate their own backgrounds and develop the necessary self-worth to be successful in today’s world.

As a writer, I believe in providing today’s youth with an honest depiction of characters with whom they can identify. The real world is filled with amazing people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. My Work strives to reflect that.

Ernesto Cisneros, a 20-year veteran teacher currently serving the city of Santa Ana -- the colorful but mostly dismissed section of Orange County, California -- teaches reading and writing to local students at an inner-city intermediate school.

He holds an English degree from the University of California, Irvine; a teaching credential from California State University, Long Beach; as well as a Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing from National University.