Halli Gomez

Children's Author

Halli Gomez grew up reading Agatha Christie, Sue Grafton, and Robert B. Parker. As an adult, she spends her time reading middle grade and young adult novels. It was no surprise that when she decided to write, she dove into the world of kid literature. 

She is a fourth degree black belt in Taekwondo and loves her night job - teaching martial arts. Her students are all ages, but most are between the eight and eighteen, and inspire and entertain her with their stories and dedication. The mystery books she read as a kid did influence her first career. She worked as an intelligence analyst for police departments and federal agencies, and in 2003, published an article in Police Chief magazine on linking intelligence information. She saw some pretty scary stuff in her career, some of which she may write about one day.

Halli spent most of her life in Miami, Florida until chased out by hurricanes. She now lives in North Carolina, with her husband, two boys, and two dogs. They live equidistant between the mountains and the beach because they can't decide which they like better. Halli loves spending time with family, reading, watching movies, and sock skating in the house. She writes for The Winged Pen, has a short story published in BRAVE NEW GIRLS: TALES OF HEORINES WHO HACK (2018) and a middle grade novel FITNESS FIASCO (2020) published under the name Verity Weaver.