Sindhu Vijayasarathy

Children's Author

Sindhu Vijayasarathy is American by way of India, South Africa and Swaziland. She spent her formative years in Chennai, India and her teen years in South Africa and Swaziland.

She has a BA in English Literature from the Women’s Christian College, Chennai and a BS in Print Journalism from Florida International University, Miami. 

In a previous incarnation, (before children), she was a reporter for the South Florida Business Journal where she won a Florida Press Club Award. It was adrenaline-charged (yes, business writing was exciting!) and rewarding. But writing for children makes her complete. When she looks at the boxes of re-writes and revisions in her basement, she feels a sense of pride and accomplishment. She writes MG, YA and isn’t ruling out writing PBs in the future. Her stories tend to skew dark but are full of humor. She’s game to try every genre once but draws the line at writing romance! In 2016, she won the SCBWI On-the-Verge Emerging Voices Award for a speculative/historical YA.

More recently, Sindhu was a substitute teacher in Fort Collins for grades 7-12, teaching English, Economics, Political Science and Wood Shop. An avid DIY-er, she loves to upholster and refinish furniture, create mosaics, and dabbles in pebble art.

Sindhu has lived in Miami, Fargo and is now staying put in Colorado, where she raised three children and a ten-pound mutt (RIP Zephyr). Sindhu and her husband remote-manage a coffee plantation where they grow coffee, pepper, oranges, silver oak, jackfruit, avocado and a burgeoning herd of goats. She holds the following truths to be self-evident: luck is a superpower and goats are special. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have discovered coffee.

Sindhu Vijayasarathy is represented by Ana Crespo.

Twitter: @sindhusays3