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Girl and hare


Megan Marie Myers grew up in rural Oregon with piles of art supplies squirreled away throughout her childhood home. An only-child, she spent hours sketching made-up characters, drawing comic strips, coloring anything she could get her hands on, and reading picture books. Children’s book illustrations ignited her imagination at a young age and that spark has grown brighter and more brilliant as she has honed her craft.


Wolf hug




Nature is the creative force that feeds and inspires Megan’s world view. Her work reflects her love of the outdoors and the connection we have to our natural surroundings and to each other. Megan aims to craft illustrations that are sincere and timeless, and she enjoys exploring themes of companionship, protection, wilderness, and love. She has shown her work in dozens of Pacific Northwest businesses and markets and has partnered with a variety of clients on illustration and licensing opportunities. Her line of greeting cards, museum quality fine art prints, calendars, stickers, and other paper goods can be found in local shops and online.


Boy and whale


After spending many years working in traditional media, primarily acrylic paint, Megan began to explore the combinations of time-honored painting and drawing techniques with digital work, adding a richness to her illustrations. She enjoys the personality and playfulness of hand-drawn line-work and experimenting with dreamy color schemes. The results are whimsy worlds that feel both real and imagined.


Dreamy foxes


Megan Marie Myers

Megan holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and has a decade-long experience in the art administration scene. Recently, she decided to focus on her own art. When she is not illustrating, she is outside–either exploring trails near her home in Bend, Oregon or running with partner Matt and their border collie Smokey.
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Tiger painting


Fish from seven seas






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