Chad Hunter

Chad Hunter grew up in the East Bay area feeding a love of nature, star wars, and art. While at Brigham Young University, he switched his major from fine art Printmaking to Illustration. There’s still a fair amount of printmaking materials and processes found in his work. He carries a sketchbook everywhere, especially on his travels, and fills them with ideas, observations, notes, hand lettering and colors. The sketchbook is where his work begins and he works to keep his finished pieces as fresh as the original sketches.

Just after Chad and his wife were just married, they visited a used office furniture store. They purchased a GIGANTIC 1960s drafting desk so he could create art at home. Now, Chad makes his children’s book illustrations from his Northern California home-studio on that massive old desk. He loves being a husband and father of four.

He loves engaging stories, racquetball (game anyone?), lovely typography and dark chocolate (somewhere between 72% to 84% please). He was honored with the Mentorship Award at SCBWI LA 2018 and numerous regional portfolio awards. Chad has a BFA in Illustration from BYU (Brigham Young University) and an MFA in Visual Arts from MU (Marywood University).