Gianna Marino

It’s been said that Gianna Marino is one of the "best illustrators working today.” We agree! Kirkus named Gianna “a rising star” in response to the publication of one of her first books, TOO TALL HOUSES. Since then, her star has continued to shine brightly, both as a NYT bestselling illustrator, and author with multiple starred reviews and awards. Critics praise Gianna for her lyrical text and ability to help readers truly immerse themselves in each of the worlds she brings to life through her lush and sumptuous illustrations.

Gianna’s love of art started the minute she could hold a brush. Since then, her varied talents have led her through toy design, mural and fine art grand-scale paintings and, for the last 20 years, children's picture books. In all, you will find a stirring world of color and magic inspired by her love of animals.

Gianna pays particular attention to her characters' expressions, often communicated exclusively through their eyes. Her style varies from the dreamlike illustrations and lyrical text of IF I HAD A HORSE to funny, whimsical characters that make the reader laugh out loud, as in her acclaimed NIGHT ANIMALS. Speaking of: Stay tuned for the sequel, NIGHT ANIMALS NEED SLEEP, TOO!

Gianna draws inspiration from real-life events, having created books inspired by her mother (MEET ME AT THE MOON), father (FOLLOWING PAPA’S SONG) and big brother (JUST LIKE MY BROTHER). In the upcoming WE WILL LIVE IN THIS FOREST AGAIN, Gianna revisits the devastating 2017 Sonoma wildfire she, herself, experienced. Throughout all of her work, Gianna's illustrations inspire readers to do their part and help the animals on this planet thrive.

Even though the world is very large, Gianna has managed to wander much of it. She lives in Northern California, where she dreams of her next adventure – both on paper and in real life. She hopes her books will not only bring smiles to young faces, but also prompt their curiosity about the world around them.