Heather Brockman Lee

Heather Brockman Lee grew up lost in her imagination, and has been an artist ever since. After spending her childhood underfoot in her father’s painting studio and earning a BA in Fine Art, Heather worked in several design industries including glass art and textiles, and has since shown her fine art in galleries, shows, and publications. She fell in love with visual storytelling while reading to her children and embraced children’s illustration as an invaluable opportunity to use her passion and skills to make a positive impact on the world.

Heather uses the lessons and techniques from her years of traditional work to lend her illustrations a unique style. She loves using textures and palettes that have a feeling of traditional media, and modern digital tools that allow her to experiment and push beyond what she can do with brushes and pens. Heather enjoys drawing children, animals and plants, and tries to infuse every image with the magical feeling of childhood.

If you can’t find Heather at the drawing table or on her iPad, you will find her spending time with her family and dog, hiking the beautiful Rocky Mountain foothills near her home in Colorado, or hanging out with the bees in her garden.