February 2019

February 23, 2019

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Happy Book


Sarah Scheerger’s 
MG debut


Illustrated by Gina Perry

(Random House; 
Listening Library) 

A heartfelt novel with complex characters who realize that to promote change in the world, they first have to change how they see each other.”

John David Anderson, author of

Perfect for fans of Andrew Clements, Rob Buyea and Sarah Weeks …

 “… Scheerger does an expert job throughout of keeping multiple subplots untangled and the voices of her narrators distinct … the author infuses her story in nonpreachy ways with themes of kindness, respect for others, and the importance of acting responsibly, capped by a list of helpful web resources.” —BOOKLIST

“In Scheerger’s middle-grade debut, she tackles issues of friendship, bullying, immigration, women’s rights, access to education, and homelessness/poverty. Speaking in a series of notes, letters, journal entries, and comics, eight diverse voices lead the storytelling as readers follow the fifth-grade year of Ms. Graham’s class (and their class frog, Kermit!). Her characters are genuine and complex as they grow and change…  A thoughtful exploration of the power of the collective voice—growing up is owning up and speaking up.” —KIRKUS  

“Compelling…teachable moments aplenty in the kids’ experiences and camaraderie…enticingly readable…offers multiple discussion possibilities for classes seeking to expand from Andrew Clements.” BULLETIN

Included in… 

Educators Guide

From MCBookVillage / “Weaving a Graphic Novel Into a Traditional Text”:
I’m a huge fan of illustrations and their power on the reader. I sit in awe and wonder, because my pencil doesn’t do that. I’m indebted to the skill, time and heart that illustrator Gina Perry put into her work for this project. It’s . . . Frog-tastic! And she’s pretty Frog-tastic too! 

Beautiful passage from the book that I wish every child & adult could realize! This struck home for me! Thanks for sharing with #BookPosse Rating of

Did you love Because of Mr. Terupt?  What about Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary School?   It’s almost like Operation Frog Effect completes the trilogy (with Mrs. Bixby’s Last Day as an add on). Diverse fifth graders each sharing their own point of view. There’s even a poet and screenwriter.  A classroom teacher we love who pushes the envelope. Kids standing up for what they believe in…This book is “frogtastic”, “frogerful” and “frog-alicious.” 

“Of course I loved finding this [reference to THE CROSSOVER]
in the book!” — Librarian Leaps 

AND there’s an audio book! 
Listen to a clip here.

“This book is wonderful and important on so many levels! So happy to be a part of this SUPER creative team bringing the words of Sarah Scheerger to life!” Veronica Taylor
— RHAudio #Audiobooks

“This book is so amazing! … Ms. Graham is an inspirational teacher and the effect she has on her students makes me want to be a better teacher. Do not miss this story of friendship, coming of age, and how powerful student voices truly can be.”  —Laurie’s Library Place 

From SARAH: 
“While the initial drafts of a writing project are often solitary, I love the collaboration that occurs when an editor jumps on board. (Thank you, Shana Corey!) With OPERATION FROG EFFECT, I also loved working with my fabulous illustrator Gina Marie Perry. Isn’t she amazing?”

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Happy Book



#1 NYT Best Selling Author
Stacia Deutsch

(Little Brown BFYR)

Deutsch’s fifth
companion volume — a
tie-in to the Netflix show by DreamWorks Animation — written in letter format, featuring the innermost thoughts of all of Miradero’s best pals–Pru, Abigail, and Lucky. 

Following fast
on the hooves of 


in Children’s Horse Books

Lucky shares tips about friendship, with pages of fun quizzes, games, and even yummy recipes …


Honor Books for
Young Readers: 

Illus. by Mehrdokht Amini

(Charlesbridge / Zalben)

“… a beautifully illustrated picture book about friendship and tolerance.”


Gayle E. Pitman’s
(Magination Press; Clifton/Brown)
is a finalist in the
12th annual Children’s and Teen Choice Book Awards, sponsored by the 
Children’s Book Council and Every Child a Reader.


Young readers and teens can cast their vote here beginning March 1st. Teachers, librarians, and booksellers can also gather group or classroom votes to enter online. 

Patricia Newman’s EAVESDROPPING ON ELEPHANTS (Lerner/ Millbrook)
is on the long list for the #NatGen 2019 Green Earth Book awards. 

Among the

Children’s Authors and Books to Watch for at Winter Institute 14:

Sarah & Ian Hoffman’s

(Magination Press / 
Illus. Chris Case)

Why the buzz:Jacob’s Room to Choose is about a kid who gets chased out of the boys’ bathroom because other kids think he doesn’t belong there. I’m excited about this book because it follows Jacob’s New Dress, which made national headlines by being banned across the country. We expect challenges here too, but I am hoping we change some minds and open some (bathroom) doors for gender nonconforming kids and let them know that we got their back!”
Kristine Enderle,
Editorial Director,
Magination Press 

As featured in PW’s 

Winter Institute 2019 in Photos

Acquisitions & Licensing

Francesco Sedita and his team at Workshop (PRH) have acquired four Rollo Readers by Reed Duncan. (above) Stay tuned to meet Rollo – a little bulldog with a BIG personality!

Beijing Baby-Cube has licensed Simplified Chinese language rights to Audrey & Don Woods’ KING BIDGOOD’S IN THE BATHTUB.


#1 NYT Best Selling 
Kimberly and James Dean

is back on the 

NYT Best Seller List

(11 weeks as of 2.24.19) 

The week of 2.24.19 
marks East/West’s

221st week on the 
NYT Bestseller List


E/W held one or more slots for 88 consecutive weeks!




Anna Dewdney 

also in

at #4

AND an IndieBound bestseller, too
– along with

And check out the titles on the February 
PW  Best Sellers List



Where’s East/West?

In NYC !
 Gregory Barrington author of the upcoming COW BOY IS NOT A COWBOY; Editorial Director Margaret Anastas and art director Jeanne Hogle. (Harper Collins) 

At Scholastic with Andrea Davis Pinkney and Shannon Hitchcock’s MG ONE TRUE WAY.  

At Holiday House / with VP and Publisher of NPB, Neal Porter (also below with Antoinette Portis’ HEY, WATER!),  Mary Cash, VP & Editor in Chief; and Mora Couch, Assistant Editor.

At Harper Collins 

Nancy Inteli (VP and Editorial Director)Assoc. Editor Megan Ilnitzki, and a sneak peek of TITAN AND THE WILD BOARS: The True Story of the Thai Soccer Team –Illus. by Dow Phumiruk.

With Harper Collins Executive Editor, Tamar Mays, Jim Averbeck, Gregory Barrington, Don Wood, Halli Gomez, co-agent Joan Brookbank, Alma Fullerton,
and Heather Brockman Lee. 


Talking about Erin Dealey’s 2021 pb DEAR EARTH…From Your Friends in Room Five with Executive Editor Tamar Mays, Harper Childrens.

Editor Brian Geffen at Henry Holt

Editor Michael Joosten /Penguin Random House 

At Scholastic with Senior Editor, Matt Ringler.

Executive Editor John Morgan / Imprint – MacKids Books: WHEN PENCIL MET ERASER (Kilpatrick, Ramos, Blanco) —Coming in May.

The Candlewick bear lights the way! Sarah Ketchersid, Katie Cunningham, Elizabeth Bicknell, Mary Lee Donovan, Carter Hasegawa, Hilary Van Dusen 

PW Deal Announcements 


Illustrator Highlight 

   Heather Brockman Lee
was featured in our
February issue of East/West’s Illustrator Highlight.

February Book Love


As Jim Averbeck states, when B&N compares your book – TREVOR (illu. Amy Hevron/Roaring Brook Press/Macmillan) – to William Steig’s, you blush profusely!

**blush *blush blush *blush*blush

DON’T LET THEM DISAPPEAR by Chelsea Clinton, illus. by Gianna Marino 
Coming April 2nd from Philomel

 “An appeal to share concern for 12 familiar but threatened, endangered, or critically endangered animal species. The subjects of Marino’s intimate, close-up portraits…steal the show. Still, Clinton’s accompanying tally of facts about each one’s habitat and daily routines, to which the title serves as an ongoing refrain, adds refreshingly unsentimental notes…A winning heads up for younger readers just becoming aware of the wider natural world.” —KIRKUS  

JUST LIKE MY BROTHER (upcoming from Viking) by Gianna Marino


The author/illustrator has created another excellent picture book, beginning with the winsome cover art and its clearly expressed sibling affection …  The ending is a humorous, satisfying surprise. Magical, aesthetically appealing watercolor art ensures that each type of gently anthropomorphized animal is clearly defined species wise. Brilliant fun.”


HEY, WATER! by Antoinette Portis 
Coming in March from Neal Porter Books / Holiday House

*”Portis’s main text is spare and accessible, with occasional, effective use of figurative language . . . The many permutations of water…are the focus of the crisp, uncluttered, primarily aqua-colored illustrations; when we do see Zoe, she’s delighting in water. ‘Hey, water, thank you!’ she says on the final page while playing in the bathtub. The story’s ending segues easily to back matter that includes a note on conserving water as well as a note on water forms and a simple diagram of the water cycle.” —The Horn Book Magazine, starred

“…a lively celebration with enough factuality to be thought-provoking for youngsters just learning about earth science and conservation. A closing page summarizes the three different forms of water, and a diagram illustrates the water cycle; additional end matter advocates for the conservation of water and provides a bibliography for additional research.”
–Bulletin for the Center of Children’s Books 

Portis’ NOW is featured in Heart-Warming Picture Books Kids Will Love. 
Portis’ NOT A BOX (HarperCollins) has been selected as Pennsylvania’s 2019 pick for the
One Book, Every Young Child initiative.

Check out the inspirational interview on Antoinette’s path to publishing
featured on the blog at ONLY PICTURE BOOKS

“A good picture book is a spy. It’s sneaking meaning into your life without you noticing.

RVC: Three words that sum up what a great picture is/does.

AP: Says something true about being a human being.

I’m going past three words here, but it’s important–a picture book isn’t didactic but rather something that tick‐tick‐ticks in the back of your mind like a time‐release capsule. It unfolds in your thought and moves you in some way. It makes you feel connected to your own humanity, and maybe makes you able to see your own behavior in a way that resonates for you. And maybe even changes you a tiny bit.”

— A Portis

Kwame Alexander’s HOW TO READ A BOOK (Harper Collins / illus. Melissa Sweet) is included in

ScopeNotes’ How to Do Just About Everything in 2019

Illus. by Dow Phumiruk

(Macmillan /Becker)

is featured on the 
2019 ILA Notable Books for a Global Society list.

as well as a 

and included in the 


2019 Amelia Bloomer List

Cover reveal of Ta-Nehishi Coates forthcoming novel,
THE WATER DANCER (Sept. 2019 / One World) painted by Calida Garcia Rawles
featured in the NYT: 

“In late 2017, during a visit to Rawles’s studio in Los Angeles, Coates saw some of her recent work: photo-like paintings of black women, men and children floating or swimming in a pool. He had not yet finished his novel, but he knew it would deal with water as a central theme, so he asked Rawles — somewhat shyly, in her telling — whether she might be interested in trying her hand at the cover art…

Coates was touched when he first saw the cover illustration…
‘I wanted to cry,’ he said.”


Cover Reveal —Illustrated by Luciana Navarro Powell–
(Amicus / Christie) coming Sept. 2019. 

Speaking of Coming Attractions…

PINKY GOT OUT! (Crown) by Michael Portis:

“(In) Michael Portis’ debut picture book … children on a field trip to the zoo follow the antics of Pinky the escapee flamingo … young children will enjoy spotting the titular flamingo.”  KIRKUS


Michael Paul’s CHOMP (upcoming from Crown) … a companion volume to ROAR 

“A gallery of shark shapes and sizes, attitudes and appetites.
Bright … visually striking colorful and inviting illustrations.”

On Sale Calendar/ May 2019

And check out the cool banner from Shelf Awareness!

FALL 2019 PW Sneak Preview

THE SUPERLATIVE A. LINCOLN debut picture book by Eileen R. Meyer / Illus. by David Szalay, 
with poems expressing the exceptional nature of the 16th president. (Charlesbridge)

UNDER THE BROKEN SKY, a middle grade novel-in-verse
by award-winning Mariko Nagai,
about a Japanese orphan’s time in Soviet-occupied rural Manchuria during WWII.
(Christy Ottaviano Books / Henry Holt / Macmillan) 

THE CROSSOVER Graphic Novel by Kwame Alexander, illustrated by Dawud Anyabwile, adapting Alexander’s Newbery-winning novel (HMH)



“Overheard”  at @EastWestLit on Twitter:

“I’m not surprised to see you [Sarah Scheerger and Laurie Halse Anderson] sharing the same space. You are both kind, talented writers who care passionately about speaking your truth and creating spaces for compassionate discussion,” —Hillary Homzie


We are thrilled and thankful to represent such amazing talent.

Artwork by Danielle Arbour