June 2018

June 23, 2018
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Happy Book


Jim Averbeck

Illustrated by 

Yasmeen Ismail

Margaret K. McElderry Books

Sophia quickly learns her new pet comes with two giraffe-sized problems in this enterprising sequel to One Word from Sophia
chosen by indie booksellers for their very first Diversity Initiative, a Top 100 African-American Kids’ Book included in Marley Dias’ viral #1000blackgirlbooks video, as well as a Kirkus and Bank Street Best Book of 2015, and a “must read” IndyNext Top 10.

~With editor Ruta Rimas~

 “Fun, clever, and empowering, this is the rare case of a sequel that outshines its predecessor.”
KIRKUSstarred review

"A welcome addition to positive portrayals of young girl STEM enthusiasts.…This makes an outstanding readaloud...The text deftly balances pithy short lines, dramatic sound effects, and playful polysyllabary (a glossary of the long words is included).​"
BCCBstarred review

"[An] engaging sequel….Pair this title with Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty or Violet the Pilot by Steve Breen for a female-centric STEM storytime."  —SLJ



"Averbeck presents a clever introduction to the scientific method, showing children through the narrative how to hypothesize, plan, and experiment. –BOOKLIST

Most recently, 


is listed in

70+ Picture Books About
Mixed Race Families:

"Sophia has one true desire for her birthday: A pet giraffe. But she has Four Big Problems in the way: Mom, Dad, Uncle Conrad…and Grand-mama who is very strict. Will her presentations, proposals, and pie charts convince them? One Word From Sophia is a playfully illustrated story about the nuances of negotiation."


Book #3:

will be available in spring 2019.

Until then, we’re “perdurably” yours!



by Anna Dewdney &
Reed Duncan

Illus. by J.T.Morrow


Six Weeks 
as a 
NYT Best Seller

(as of 6.24.18) 

The week of 6.24.18 
marks East/West's

192nd week on the 
NYT Bestseller List

E/W held one or more slots for 88 consecutive weeks!

LLAMA LLAMA LOVES TO READ is featured on Brightly's Great Summer Reads for 3-5 Year Olds


Happy Book


Anna Dewdney's

Netflix tie-ins




Penguin Young Readers

Speaking of…

has been renewed

for Season 2!


Licensing Show

Las Vegas 2018

Who's ready for a #LlamaLlama themed #BirthdayParty?

We're pretty excited about the new PrimeParty.com collection: plates, cups, napkins, party favor boxes, decorations, numbered centerpiece
Llama Llama Party-rama!

Where's East West?

Macmillan party- pre-BEA18

Kate Farrell, Senior Editor / 

Henry Holt BYR​

Tiffany Liao, Editor /

Henry Holt BYR

Jessica Anderson and Julia Sooy
Henry Holt BYR


Alyssa Mito Pusey, Editor

Steve Geck /
Editorial Director


Publisher Heather Hughes (R) at the Sleeping Bear booth with PR Manager Julia Hlavac and Erin Dealey's K IS FOR KINDERGARTEN

Rick Rinehart, Globe Pequot, Executive Editor & Assistant Editor Stephanie.
(Bet Mark Vieira’s ears were burning!) 

Brunch with
Brynne Barnes 

Blown away by the newest fine art by Calida Rawles.

Happy Book Birthday


by Award-winning Creator
Antoinette Portis

A frabulous sequel to the 

“cosmically delightful” 


Roaring Brook / Neal Porter

Those wild and crazy best frints, Omek and Yelfred from Best Frints in the Whole Universe (2016), are back with their unique language and rascally behavior…Once again Yelfred and Omek manage to work out their issues while getting through the day—just like us earthlings. 

— Randall Enos / BOOKLIST

Portis' illustrations, done with pencil, charcoal, and Cintiq drawing tablet, once again use a brilliant palette and digital textures to great effect, bringing to vivid life this alien world. Endpapers add to the fun (and help decipher the Boborpian language) with a glossary of terms, the numbers 1 to 10, and directions for playing eye ball in the peedle pit. Gurm's company, but threep doesn't have to be a crowd when it comes to starting school and making new friends.​

In bright, gestural cartoon characters, Portis depicts Yelfred as he has fun with a new “frint,” a red, cube-like alien named Q-B, leaving Omek watching dejectedly from the sidelines, antennae drooping. At “yunch,” Omek is once again alone, but when an epic food fight (“Everyone is sharing!”) leads Omek to team up with Yelfred and Q-B, they become a tight threesome: “On Boborp, what makes things the most fun… is a best frint and a best best frint.” With humor and tenderness, Portis explores the uncertainty and unexpected joys that come with navigating childhood friendships.  PW


As in the previous book, the story’s copious humor comes from readers recognizing the similarities between Planet Boborp and our home planet (“just like here on Planet Earth”) and from the unexpected and hilarious ways Portis presents the differences…Bright, blobby, and pointy pencil, charcoal, and digital illustrations capture the characters’ recognizable emotions (pride, self-confidence, joy, mischievousness, boredom, anger, jealousy) in an out-of-this-world school setting. A glossary precedes the story, and a spread instructing “how to count to ten on Boborp” and “how to play eye ball in the peedle pit” is appended. 

— elissa gershowitz / HORN BOOK


Most recently, BEST FRINTS IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE was selected as a Black-Eyed Susan Award Winner 
by the Maryland Association of School Librarians. The award seeks to promote literacy and lifelong reading habits by encouraging students to read quality, contemporary literature. The award is librarian nominated and student selected.

Yelfred and Omek go to skrool, in this sequel to the "sweetly demented and irresistible…" 





Four starred reviews

An ALA Notable of the Year

A Kirkus Best Book
of the Year

A PW Best Summer Book
of the Year

A CCBC Choice Title of the Year

A Horn Book Fanfare title


Stay tuned for HEY, WATER


Holiday House/ Neal Porter

And look who won Antoinette's piece in CBC & ABA's The Silent Auction:
Kate Kubert Puls —Portis' school booking agent.
DW came home with a Daria Peoples-Riley piece inspired by Guest of Honor,
Ashley Bryan.


Happy Book Birthday

How Katherine Johnson Saved
Apollo 13

by Helaine Becker

A Christy Ottaviano Book
Henry Holt

Illustrated by
Dow Phumiruk 

The bold story of Katherine Johnson, an African-American mathematician who worked for NASA during the space race and was depicted in the film Hidden Figures.   

A picture-book biography of a humble genius who excelled in a career once out of reach for most African-Americans…Phumiruk's stylistically varied, colorful illustrations feature mathematical computations and notes in the backgrounds, emphasizing Katherine's passion for numbers… 
An excellent biography
that will inspire young readers, especially girls,
to do what they love.
–KIRKUS, starred review

Children who want to share in the Hidden Figures buzz can start right here. Phumiruk’s digital artwork convincingly portrays Johnson as brainy and imaginative, in keeping with the author note observation that “her role . . . always involved more than mere number crunching. It relied heavily on hunches.” That combination of math and intuition also emerges visually in several embedded graphics that assist readers in understanding the trajectories Johnson calculated. 

Featuring engaging text and captivating illustrations, this picture book introduces the amazing life of mathematician Katherine Johnson to young readers.  Phumiruk’s renderings help to elucidate scientific principles and bring the story to life. Sure to inspire a new generation of mathematicians. A solid addition to biography collections."

The straightforward, informative text is paired with delicate, precise digital artwork. . . Very worthwhile book.

A JLG Selection

Featured in 50 Magical
Books for Summer.
This illustrated bio about Johnson’s journey from child who counted everything to NASA’s “human computer” is beautifully chronicled through succinct text and bold illustrations.

Check out this interview with Dow and Helaine about their process on InkyGirl.

Click on the image to view trailer:

Ishta Mercurio's Cover Collection on Dow's cover design with editor Christy Ottaviano and Book Designer Carol Ly:

I mean, just look at this cover. There is so much amazing to be seen here! I almost don't know where to start.

 First: Color. Blue (lighter in the middle, darker towards the edges) for the night sky, yellow and orange for Katherine Johnson's clothes. I love that the editor and book designer (Christy Ottaviano and Carol Ly, respectively) chose colors for Katherine's outfit that would pop against that background.

 Text: It's just a little bit retro, which is great for a book set in 1970. It's not obvious, but it subtly sets a tone, which I like. Another stellar choice by Carol Ly!

 Composition: This is Carol Ly's genius at work. See the way the title arcs across the top, then Katherine herself is standing in the foreground, slightly to the left (which is where our eyes have been trained to go — the left side of the page first, then the right), then the subtitle next to her, almost as if she's looking at those words and thinking, "Yeah, I AM going to save that shuttle." I LOVE IT. Also, I want to say how great and important it is that there is a picture book featuring a black woman on the cover. She could have made this cover about the moon and the math, but she made it about Katherine. Katherine is front and center, and I love that.

 Also, the stars at the top tell us that Katherine is home on Earth, thinking about that far away moon and how to get Apollo 13 back. To her, the moon doesn't seem that far away, does it? It's just a matter of doing the math.

 And speaking of the moon and the math, they are on there, and it is my favorite thing about this whole cover. Phumiruk tells me that she had the idea to put the moon on there, and that the math came from the interior of the book. She is brilliant. The chalkboard is the moon, and it is covered in Katherine's math. The flight path of Apollo 13 is drawn around it, using it as a slingshot, and you can see how Katherine understands EVERYTHING about how this works. It also kind of sums up the whole book, which is rather amazing and awesome. I love it when this happens. It's pretty much perfect.

Christy Ottaviano (L) with Ginger Knowlton /Curtis Brown,
and DW pre-BEA18. 

Here We Read's Ultimate List of Children's Diverse Books 2018. 


…and The Picture Book Buzz. 

~Deborah Recommends~

The 10 Principles of Storytelling

by Bobette Buster
on the Chronicle blog.



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James Dean's
Pete the Cat
at Merrymakers booth



Happy Book Birthday


by Award-winning Author
Gayle E. Pitman,

Holly Clifton-Brown
Magination Press

Director/ Editor
Kristine Enderle 
at BEA18 

A colorful tribute to Gilbert Baker… creating the rainbow flag after a conversation with Harvey Milk. The art is beautiful and bright, transitioning powerfully from a subdued Kansan landscape to a flamboyant Bay Area…. It's clear this book has a lot of love for the flag's promise.” 


2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the rainbow pride flag.

"I'm a big fan..It's a perfect book to share with kids about LGBTQ pride, and absolutely a picture book I wish had been read to me when I was a little kid." 
Lee Wind 

Check out Pitman's conversation with Zach Ford from ThinkProgress: "The importance of teaching kids about LGBQT history and culture."

Pitman's books are featured on BooksMyKidsRead:

Gayle’s latest work shows us not only a key moment in queer history, but also the journey of a boy to becoming his true self.

Perfect for
#PRIDE month!

Speaking of which, Gayle's WHEN YOU LOOK OUT THE WINDOW a Mighty Girl Book was featured by HuffPost  in (17 LGBTQ Friendly Books to Read to Your Kid in Honor of Pride).  ​

Most recently, Pitman's Stonewall award-winning THIS DAY IN JUNE is featured on Mom Read It: "There is so much to love…Put this at the top of your Pride Storytime list!​"

Winner, 2015 ALA Stonewall Book Award

Winner, 2015 IRA Notable Books for a Global Society Award

A Top 10 Title, 2015 ALA Rainbow List

Named one of the most important books of the last decade by The Advocate’s “40 under 40” List

A Fatherly Best Children’s Book of the Last 10 Years

There's a trailer!

Click image to view.
Check out the illustrations by Kristyna Litton:
With exuberant pictures and joyful text, This Day In June invites young readers to join in a colourful pride celebration. A great first introduction to LGBTQ history and culture, the book also includes information on how to talk to children about sexual orientation and gender identity in age-appropriate ways. 


Pitman's FEMINISM FROM A TO Z won Silver for Young Adult Non-fiction from 2017 Foreword Indies Book of the Year awards. 


Pitman’s A CHURCH FOR ALL was recently added to the Children’s Literacy Foundation as an “inclusive new read”: inspired by inclusive churches, the sense of joyful, spiritual communion sends a powerful message of love and acceptance.​

Gayle's article appeared recently on BuzzFeed:

LGBTQ History Should Be Taught In Schools. Here's Why 

1.Why is the pink triangle used as a symbol in the LGBT community?

2.What is the meaning of the rainbow flag?

3.What were the Compton Cafeteria Riots?

4.Draw a picture of the Transgender Pride flag, and identify the meaning of each element.

5.Who were Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin?

6.What was the Mattachine Society?

7.What was the Pink Scare?

Meet her at ALA!

Happy Book Birthday
NYT Best Selling Author
Stacia Deutsch's

Summer Vacation


Stacia’s 16th 

Sony Pictures Animation’s 
Hotel Transylvania 3
—starring Adam Sandler
and Selena Gomez
—hits theaters July 13, 2018.

This deluxe novelization of the hilarious monster comedy includes an eight-page insert of full-color images from the film.

Celebration lunch!

#1 NYT 
Best Selling Author,
 Stacia Deutsch 
has written more than 250 books including:

GIRLS WHO CODE:The Friendship Code #1
with foreword by Reshma Saujani, 


published in partnership with the organization Girls Who Code.

Recently released in Polish:

Where's East/West?



At the Penguin party #BEA~ 
Above: Penguin President, 

Jen Loja

Francesco Sedita Penguin Workshop 

Jocelyn Schmidt 
VP & Assoc. Publisher​

Erin Berger VP, Creative Marketing Director


In Tune with June

As part of Scholastic's #ReadWithPride campaign, Shannon Hitchcock's ONE TRUE WAY is featured on the blogs of Kirby Larsen and Jody Casella.  

Hitchcock also created a 70's Immersion document for teachers using ONE TRUE WAY.


are recommended by the New York Department of Education for
#Pride month.

A CHURCH FOR ALL (Gayle E. Pitman / Albert Whitman)

JACOB'S NEW DRESS (Sarah & Ian Hoffman/ Albert Whitman) was reviewed on The Baby Bookworm and featured in The Atlantic: Today's Masculinity is Stifling.

And what’s new with Jacob & Sophie?  Stay tuned for another deal in the works!​

Congrats Patricia Newman and Mehrdokht Amini:

Cover reveals for


by Erin Dealey, llustrated by Luciana Navarro Powell (Kane Miller) 

Check out the delicious trailer designed by Luciana.

Speaking of whom, 
 MY DAD IS THE BEST PLAYGROUND (Luciana Navarro Powell/ Robin Corey Books) was featured on TODAY.com's 
18 Picture Books for New Dads on Father's Day

as well as 

Colors of Us: 40 Multicultural Children's Books about Fathers

NELLY GNU AND DADDY TOO (Anna Dewdney/ Viking) is listed on #AMightyGirl's 
A Father's Love: 30 Books about Dads and Daughters

And check out this article about Llama Llama Learns to Read on FATHERLY– 

“In total, the series has sold over 12 million copies, spawned a television series, hell, Ludacris even took a stab at rapping the book on live radio.  Llama Llama isn’t going anywhere soon.”

Horn Book recommended reading for 
Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr:

by Hena Khan, Illustrated by Mehrdokht Amini (Chronicle)

an Amazon 

Gaby Triana's ISLAND OF BONES gets a nice mention on this Three Guys with Beards podcast. 

Click image above to view video of Andrea Alban's Earth Day school visit, featuring  

See you in New Orleans!


"Overheard"  at @EastWestLit on Twitter:


We are thrilled and thankful to represent such amazing talent.

Artwork by Danielle Arbour