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October 10, 2024

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Happy Book Birthday

by award-winning
Megan Hoyt

Illustrated by Vivien Mildenberger

(Quill Tree Books/HC)

in Children’s Science Biographies

Foreign licenses:
Pulbit Publishing Co. (Korean) and Chuokoron-Shinsha (Japanese)

The true story of 2023 Nobel Prize winner Katalin Karikó, the scientist whose research of mRNA led to the world-altering development of the Covid-19 vaccine. 

“The folkloric artwork gives a feeling of humanity to the book, allowing readers to connect on a more personal level to the narrative. Teachers will want to use this story as model of perseverance and dedication for their lessons; elementary readers will like learning that overcoming obstacles still matters. … VERDICT This narrative biography about one of the creators of the COVID-19 vaccine will be an excellent addition to collections needing modern biographies.”

“… a suspenseful account of the vaccine’s human trials in 2020. An inspiring profile of a scientist making history.”

“Hoyt stresses perseverance in this moving biography of scientist Katalin Karikó…”

Stellar Stem-inist
Katie grew up in one-room house in Hungary, she mastered English during her time at university to understand her professors, and she and her family immigrated to America with only $1,200 to their names.  An inspirational story for readers of all ages…

Included in STEAM and Women’s History Month round-ups
Most extensive PB on the market, with back matter including more information about the science behind the vaccine, a timeline, a bibliography, as well as a letter from Dr. Karikó herself.

art throughout by Vivien Mildenberger

As featured in:

Even MORE Children’s Books About the COVID 19 Pandemic

“Concisely telling Karikó’s life story, Hoyt emphasizes that dedication, collaboration, and hard work were crucial to her success … informative.”

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“A rare introduction to one of New York City’s more influential but lesser-known builders, and his “Grand” work.”


Happy Book Birthday


An Anna Dewdney Book

Illustrated by J.T. Morrow

From the NYT-bestselling Llama Llama series series comes a new concept board book…

Told through a fun
look-and-find format

art by J.T. Morrow

The newest board book in the “Learning with Llama” series!




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Happy Book Birthday

by Sarah Levine

Illustrated by Mehrdokht Amini

(Carolrhoda Books/Lerner)

A tender picture book that follows a girl who is told she is too intense, too sensitive, too much. She’s told to grow a thicker skin, but the words of others slip right through. They somersault around inside and press against her heart.

“This story highlights the importance of taking control of a narrative as well as the healing power of artistic pursuits… A healing, positive assertion.

art throughout by Mehrdokht Amini

A perfect fit for SEL

The text is both a narrative and a word puzzle in which the words inside the main character are rearranged to make positive statements

In an author’s note, Sara Levine discusses her own experiences as a sensitive child and offers tips for sensitive kids and their caregivers

Happy Book Birthday 

by Jane Yolen & Ariel Stemple

Illustrated by
John Ledda

(Beaming Books)

Kiki has watched her mama practice karate for a long time, and now she wants to learn too. She wants to become strong and steady like a mountain. The bullies at school are strong for the wrong reasons. They make Kiki feel small. But today at her first karate lesson, everything changes.

in Children’s Martial Arts Books

art throughout by John Ledda

Addresses multiple on-trend topics, such as anti-bullying, kid empowerment, self-esteem, and developing self-confidence through practicing martial arts.

Ideal for school counselors or any professionals who help kids experiencing bullying.
Teaches kids to find calm, peace, and power within themselves.

As featured in:

This tale of self-empowerment at a martial arts studio is woven around the lines of Yolen’s poem “Karate Kid.”


John Ledda considered many careers—from architect to dolphin trainer—before returning to the one thing he had always loved: Art. With a BA in Studio Art and an MFA in Illustration, John is now an illustrator, graphic designer, and writer-in-training. He creates exciting, whimsical worlds full of expressive characters and documents moments—big and small—that kids experience as they learn and grow. John enjoys borrowing from his experience in traditional media and combining it with the digital techniques he’s honed as a professional graphic designer. The result is a work that draws the reader in with humor and heart.


Happy Book Birthday 

by Randi Sonenshine

Illustrated by Gina Capaldi

(Apples and Honey Press)

Felipe has a secret. He and his family are conversos—Jews forced to convert to Christianity after 1497 but who maintained their Jewish identities and practices behind closed doors. Even his real name, his Jewish name, is a secret. 

“Highlights additional themes of friendship; perseverance in the face of hardship and discrimination; family strength and continuity…A gentle exploration of a cruel episode in European history.

art by Gina Capaldi

48 page illustrated chapter book perfect for younger readers…

Spotlights the life of Sephardic Jews in Portugal during the Inquisition

Under told narrative that will interest libraries looking for historical Jewish experience that go beyond Holocaust

Includes historical note about the Inquisition and the real-life woman who helped save many Jews

Gina Capaldi has both written and illustrated books and products for trade, historical non fiction, educational, and the toy industries. She often combines traditional painting techniques and mediums with collage and digital elements to add additional layer of visual story telling. Gina studied fine arts at Pepperdine University and Pitzer College; and, illustration at Art Center: College of Design. She lives in Orange, California.

Happy Book Birthday

This collection highlights the diverse experiences of becoming an adult in the Jewish faith.

Including a short story

by NYT-bestselling,
Stacia Deutsch

(Albert Whitman)
Edited by Jonathan Rosen
& Henry Herz

Happy Book Birthday

by Susan Katz

Illustrated by Jennie Poh

(Bala Kids)

A playful, rhyming book for kids ages 3-7 on how to send loving, kind thoughts to yourself and others to make the world a better place.

art throughout by Jennie Poh

“…should be on every child’s shelf. Lovingkindness is the antidote to a world of violence and will give children a sense of agency that they, too, can spread love to friends, family, community members, and even those they don’t see eye-to-eye with. …a beautiful path to creating more peace in the world.
Arianna Huffington,
Founder & CEO, Thrive Global


Cover Reveals!

by award-winning
Erin Dealey

Illustrated by Kate Cosgrove
(Sleeping Bear Press)

Coming March 15, 2024

As announced on
Betsy Bird’s (Fuse8) blog


by award-winning
Jeanne Walker Harvey

Illustrated by Melodie Stacey
(Cameron Books/Abrams)

Coming June 4, 2024

As featured in
Watch. Connect. Read.


by award-winning
Alexandra Alessandri

Cover by Rose Bousamra
(Simon & Schuster/Atheneum)

Coming July 23, 2024

As featured in
Las Musas

Happy Book Birthday

by April Showers

Illustrated by Anthony Conley

(Penguin Random House)

An October Best Children’s Book

art throughout by Anthony Conley

“In this festive addition to the Afro Unicorn series, exuberant brown unicorns Unique, Divine, and Magical kick off December … (an) enthusiastic holiday read focused on acts of service and togetherness.”

Afro Unicorn ® is a consumer-products brand that launched exclusively in 3k+ Walmart stores in summer ’22 and rolled out widely in fall ’22—has lines of party goods, apparel, haircare, plush, and more.


Part of a Movement: 
The Afro Unicorn ® brand is more than merch—the aim is to normalize Black beauty, giving girls a unicorn that represents them and encourages them to love the skin they’re in. 

A new holiday tradition is born: The story features the Holiday Magic Countdown Calendar—the unicorns fill it with stickers, one for each day they spread acts of kindness.

High-Profile Fans:

Celebs like Tiffany Haddish, Alicia Keys, and Sherri Shepherd have all posted photos of themselves in Afro Unicorn gear


April Showers is the founder and CEO of Afro Unicorn ®, an inclusive brand designed to remind children and women of color how unique, divine and magical they truly are. Multiple business owner and single mother of two, April started a movement of like-minded Black Unicorns through apparel and accessories in May 2019. In May 2022, she launched in Walmart as the first Black woman & first Black licensed brand in Party Supplies for a major retailer.

Six original books in total for children of color in this new line of Afro Unicorn ® books, will be released in varied formats in 2023 and 2024 under the Random House Books for Young Readers imprint.

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Happy Book Birthday 

by award-winning
Lezlie Evans

Illustrated by Yee Von Chan

(Albert Whitman)

“A refreshing, pleasant take on the theme of helping someone in need and enjoying the bonds of friendship.”

A tender holiday reminder that generosity means the most when it’s directed at those who are truly in need.”

“Certain seasonal charm.

 “…celebrate the joy of giving.”
Foreword Reviews


A stirring little story about the importance of giving… Little readers will want to spend the holiday with Evans’ sweet creatures.



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in Children’s Mammal Books
(board book: 10/13)

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in Celebrity Photography
(hc: 10/14)

in Celebrity Photography
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Happy Halloween!

Image by Lisa Johnston Hancock


October Illustrator Highlight

Let Freedom Read!



Images by Heather Brockman Lee, Lisa Johnston Hancock, Shiho Pate,
Kerstin Stock, Dow Phumiruk, and Gela Kalaitzidis.




Spook-tacularly BOO-licious news!





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Fall 2023 Showcase: 
Sustainability and the Environment



Speaking of JUST A WORM…





with Sarah & Ian Hoffman and Gayle E. Pitman

and calling out many other E/W Banned Books…




Indigenous Peoples Day

in Children’s Gardening Books

Upcoming April 24, 2024
(Harper Collins)


with Halli Gomez, upcoming speaker @ NCTE






with Lauren H. Kerstein



Hooray for Hollywood with Mark A. Vieira and…

The 100 Best Movie Books Of All Time: Film History, Memoirs, More – The Hollywood Reporter







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