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Happy Book Birthday 

by Sibert Honoree

Patricia Newman 

Illustrated by Natasha M. Donovan
(Millbrook/ Lerner)

An engrossing STEM story with environmental themes…

in Children’s U.S. State &
Local History Books

“Effectively using a compelling story to illustrate the concept of rewilding, this informative, striking presentation is powerful in its hopeful story that integrates history, environmental appreciation, and explanations of the interdependence of species in a landscape and the politics necessary to save them…Newman could have another award winner on her hands.
Booklist (starred review) 

in Children’s Oceanography Books

“Beautifully illustrated and informative, this story conveys the fragility of our environment and the need to protect it.
Kirkus (starred review)

150 Most Anticipated
Books of the Fall

For thousands of years, the Elwha river flowed north to the sea. The river churned with salmon, which helped feed bears, otters, and eagles. The Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, known as the Strong People located in the Pacific Northwest, were grateful for the river’s abundance. All that changed in the 1790s when strangers came who did not understand the river’s gifts. The strangers built dams, and the environmental consequences were disastrous. 

Sibert honoree Patricia Newman and award-winning illustrator Natasha Donovan join forces to tell the story of the Elwha, chronicling how the Strong People successfully fought to restore the river and their way of life.

Art by Natasha M. Donovan

A conservation success story!

Click image to view trailer. 

Standards aligned
curriculum guide 3-8

Author’s Spotlight

Excerpt from Book Birthday Blog interview with Erin Dealey:

Q. What do you want readers to take away from A River’s Gifts?

Patricia Newman: Connection. Most of us don’t live as close to nature as the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe and as a result we forget its benefits. But they exist whether we see them or not. With A River’s Gifts I want to inspire readers to see and understand how nature impacts our lives. 

Art by Natasha M. Donovan

Q. The “stirring verse” (Kirkus/ starred review) is a departure from the prose and voice of your other nonfiction books. How did this come about?
 The Elwha River has been flowing for thousands of years.  To fully understand the importance of this river to the ecosystem, I began the story when the river formed. The lyrical verse just flowed out of me. . . . To channel the river, I guess I became the river.

Q. How long does it take you to write such an incredible, in-depth book like A RIVER’S GIFTS?
PN: I discovered the idea in September 2018 (with some help from my husband). I submitted an overview of the book with an outline to my editor in February 2019. By July, I had an offer. Two months later I visited Port Angeles, WA, the city at the mouth of the Elwha River, to interview several experts and to see the river for myself. I sweated over the manuscript for four months before finally submitting it in January 2020. Carol Hinz and I worked on a few minor revisions, then let illustrator Natasha Donovan do her thing. 

Q. We love that illustrator Natasha M. Donovan is Métis and lives in northern Washington, which is where the Elwha River is located. In your words, “Like the Klallam Tribe, the area is in her blood. Her illustrations feel like home.” (sourceWhat surprises did illustrator Natasha bring to the book?
PN: Natasha is one of those rare illustrators who can draw people and nature well. This land is in her blood. The colors, the smells, the textures, the sounds. When I look at Natasha’s incredible art for A River’s Gifts, I feel the water rushing in spots and burbling in others. I hear the salmon jumping and the river breathing life into the forest. I also loved how she captured the determination of The Strong People, the scientists, and the volunteers involved in the restoration. 

Link to Natasha’s time-lapse video of the first spread:

Art by Natasha M. Donovan

Listen to Patricia Newman’s Live from the 25 podcast, recorded at ALA, to learn more about how her books support her goals of increasing environmental awareness and action in the next generation.

Nature and environmental justice are intertwined with nearly everything we do. . . . What happens to nature happens to us.”
Patricia Newman
in conversation with Carole Lindstrom and Mélina Mangal at ALAAC22

Ms. Newman is one of my favorite authors of informational literature. She has a knack for explaining complicated concepts lucidly while keeping things lively and engaging. The spare text is lyrical, subtly underscoring the magnitude of the destruction of this vital ecosystem and its long road to recovery. Side bars provide extra information such as how salmon feed a river or what the inside of a dam looks like. Back matter includes notes from both the author and illustrator and from a tribal member of the Strong People; a timeline; before and after photos; sources and recommendations for further reading. The end pages feature before and after topographical maps. 
A River’s Gifts is truly a picture book for all ages – informative and inspirational, appropriate for use from STEM classes to social studies.

Art by Natasha M. Donovan

Included in Cynthia Leitich Smith’s New Native Picture Books of 2022 (Part One)

Books by Patricia Newman:

Dreamscape has licensed the iconographic audio-visual rights (available 11.22)

Happy Book Birthday

Edited by

NYT-bestselling author

Gaby Triana

with John Palisano
(Alien Head Press)

This anthology of 19 short stories by some of the most terrifying names in horror is the perfect collection for a dark and stormy October night.

Author Spotlight

GABY TRIANA is the bestselling author of 20 novels for adults and teens, including MOON CHILD, the Haunted Florida series (ISLAND OF BONES, RIVER OF GHOSTS, CITY OF SPELLS), CAKESPELL, WAKE THE HOLLOW, SUMMER OF YESTERDAY, and PARADISE ISLAND: A SAM AND COLBY STORY.

Also the host of a YouTube channel, The Witch Haunt, Gaby writes about witchy powers, ghosts, haunted places, and abandoned locations. She’s ghostwritten over 50 novels for bestselling authors, and her books have won IRA Teen Choice, ALA Best Paperback, and Hispanic Magazine’s Good Reads Awards. She also writes Paranormal Women’s Fiction under the pen name Gabrielle Keyes and lives in Miami with her family.


for the 3rd week
(9.26 print edition)


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#2 NEIBA & GLIBA (9.04)

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#9 CALIBA (8.28)




Scholastic has licensed exclusive book club rights and non-exclusive book fair rights to Ernesto Cisneros’s FALLING SHORT.

Ithaki Publishing has licensed Turkish rights to Antoinette Portis’s A SEED GROWS.

Neungyule Education has licensed Korean print, book club and audio rights from Gianna Marino’s WE WILL LIVE IN THIS FOREST AGAIN.

Happy Book Birthday


Jeanne Walker Harvey

Illustrated by Diana Toledano  

(Beach Lane / S&S)

Art by Diana Toledano

This picture book biography of the woman who defined the style of an era will inspire young readers to follow their dreams!

Edith Head still holds the record for winning more Oscars than any other woman (8!)—was nominated for thirty-five Academy Awards for Best Costume Design—and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“Together, the art and storytelling capture Head’s belief in the transformative magic of costumes, which will certainly strike a chord with dress-up enthusiasts.”
Booklist (starred review)

“Combined with starry-eyed prose, the result is a glamorous life story with a Hollywood ending.” 

Art by Diana Toledano

Download activity guide here.

Q: How would you describe Edith Head’s legacy today, and what do you hope kids take away from her story?
JWH: With her independent spirit, savvy, and determination, she rose to the top of the male-dominated Hollywood movie costume world as the first female chief designer of Paramount Studios. She dressed the movie stars, and was a star in her own right. And I hope Dressing Up the Stars encourages children to let their own stars shine, in whatever they want to pursue.

“It was a pure delight to tell Edith Head’s story. And I so appreciate everyone at Beach Lane Books for this opportunity, and especially the amazing Andrea Welch and Danielle Collins for their gentle expert editing and guidance … Diana Toledano’s illustrations are enchanting, dazzling and wonderfully whimsical! … Children will love noticing all the tiny playful details –the ants at Edith’s tea party, the tiny cat on a roof, the horned toad on a sofa in the dollhouse. I noticed Diana even added a small store sign in the Los Angeles street scene that says “Jeanne RADIO” – isn’t that fun?! Edith Head, as a movie costume designer, was a star among the (movie) stars.

Art by Diana Toledano

Author Spotlight

Excerpts from Book Birthday Blog interview with Erin Dealey:

Q. One of the themes of DRESSING UP THE STARS is persistence and going forward despite the NOs. We get a lot of rejections in our #kidlit lives as well. Was there ever a time as a children’s author that you felt discouraged by the NOs? How did you keep going?

JWH: Indeed yes! I’ve gathered a slew of rejections over the years, and of course that’s discouraging.  But I’ve actually gotten much better about it because I’ve learned so much from these notes from the editors who kindly took the time to explain what wasn’t working with a manuscript.

And I’ve very much taken to heart what our amazing agent, Deborah Warren of East West Literary Agency, so eloquently reminds us authors and illustrators—we just need to be patient and believe there’s a perfect home for our work. And Deborah is absolutely a star at finding such homes for our work.

Q. It was fascinating reading your recent interview about Edith Head’s work with Alfred Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren for “The Birds.” What other surprising discoveries did you make about Edith Head through your research?  

JWH: I was surprised to learn how many actors truly admired her, not just as a costume designer but as a person. She not only designed incredible costumes, but also advocated and supported upcoming struggling actors in an industry that could be pretty ruthless.

Q. Now that you’ve written four nonfiction biographies, who would you say is most like you—either as an adult or a child: Edith Head / DRESSING UP THE STARS, Alma Thomas / ABLAZE, MAYA LIN, or Romare Bearden / MY HANDS SING THE BLUES? 

JWH: What an intriguing question, Erin! I’ve truly been fascinated and inspired by all four of those creative people. But I think I would say I identify most with Edith Head as a child.

Art by Diana Toledano

JWH: I too spent a lot of time by myself and often found company in my imagination. I too hosted tea parties for my Collie dog named Bonnie, cat named Cola, and a myriad of stuffed animals who were of course also all named. But instead of dressing up the animals, I wrote stories about them.  And instead of a cherished bag of fabric scraps like Edith Head, I had treasured pens and notebooks. And every week I carried home stacks of books from the library and wished my name would someday be on a cover of a book. Dreams do come true, just like Edith’s did!

Check out these reviews
from the Blog Tour:

(Complete Tour schedule/info here.)


“I said it before, and I’ll say it again, this is a great work of edutainment!…Who knows which little readers out there will see themselves in young Edith…dreaming of bigger things, far away places…So go ahead, DREAM YOUR DREAM!”
—Insatiable Readers

Art by Diana Toledano

Walker Harvey‘s text emphasizes [Edith] Head’s determination & eagerness to learn, sure to inspire readers…to fearlessly pursue new endeavors & interests. Toledano’s mixed-media illustrations….deftly capture Head’s skills. Downright dazzling.”
—@Oliviathelibrarian (IG)



Happy Book Birthday


Shannon Hitchcock

Illustrated by Sophie Page

A rural female PB biography—the third in The Storytellers’ Series:

Art by Sophie Page

History books have forgotten most Appalachian women, many of whom were poor or lacked formal education. Yet these women spoke through the quilts they created from scraps of cloth collected over time.

Art by Sophie Page

Piece by piece, these patchwork quilts revealed the beauty of mountain life.

Art by Sophie Page

“The scraps of Appalachian lives, forgotten by many, persist in the memories marked by thread and bits of cloth…. Hitchcock’s quiet homage is humbling. The author’s note details the resourcefulness of these women who endured poverty and often lacked formal schooling yet could turn feed sacks into songs of love…. Hitchcock makes clear that hardship couldn’t silence these women’s stories, told in the language of embellished pieces of worn fabric…. A loving tribute to perseverance and inner strength.

Art by Sophie Page

From the Author’s note:
“History has forgotten Appalachian women.  Their voices were silenced by poverty, a lack of education, and society’s expectation that a women’s place was in the home.  It’s only by seeking new ways of interpreting the past that their voices are heard.”
—Shannon Hitchcock
From the publisher: 
“This series is so important to me as someone from rural Appalachia.”
—Wiley Blevins

Art by Sophie Page

Stay tuned for Shannon Hitchcock’s fourth book in the Storytellers’ PB bio series: OF WORDS & WATER: The Story of Wilma Dykeman, Writer, Historian, Environmentalist.

Author Spotlight

Shannon Hitchcock, “a New Voice in Historical Fiction” according to the ALAN Review, was born in North Carolina and grew up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Along with her Reycraft PB bios, she is the author of four MG novels, FLYING OVER WATER (co-author), ONE TRUE WAY, RUBY LEE & ME, and THE BALLAD OF JESSIE PEARL. Her books have been featured on many state award lists and have received acclaimed reviews.  Shannon currently lives in North Carolina where she can see the mountains every day.



Happy Book Birthday

by two-time Newbery Honor Recipient
Christina Soontornvat

Illustrated by

Cook Award-winning
Dow Phumiruk 


Also available as an Audible Audiobook (Dreamscape Media)

Art by Dow Phumiruk

Thai American creators portray the inspirational and barrier-breaking life of Senator Tammy Duckworth in a picture-book tribute to an extraordinary woman.

Evoking Tammy Duckworth’s spirited nature with sensitivity and joy, this uplifting account of a groundbreaking military veteran and rising political star will inspire readers to dream and achieve.
The dedication from the collaborators:

Art by Dow Phumiruk

Given Tammy Duckworth’s personal heroism as an Army veteran, her stunning recovery from injuries sustained in the line of duty, and her subsequent career as an influential US senator, it’s easy to see why Joe Biden earmarked her as a possible running mate during his Democratic presidential campaign. Senator Duckworth has logged a long list of firsts during her tenure as the first Thai American member of Congress, including being the first woman with a disability to serve in the House and Senate. But it is her tireless determination to keep going against staggering odds that will rivet readers of all ages.

“Powerful details about Duckworth’s childhood and her experiences in the National Guard impart a sense of the senator’s resilient spirit; the book concludes on a hope-filled call to action of more work to be done. . . worthwhile and empowering.”

Best Picture Book Bios of 2022
(So Far)

“One of the more exciting bios I’ve seen in a long time.”

“Soontornvat’s prose is succinct yet clear and excels when she relates personal anecdotes. . . . Details of her 2004 helicopter accident and her painful recovery are also well handled. . . . An excellent addition to the biography shelf and women’s history units.”

Art by Dow Phumiruk

“A comprehensive look at an extraordinary life 
and continuing legacy.”

“Soontornvat and Phumiruk have inspired young readers to ‘break barriers and defy expectations,’ to soar, to not waste a single moment, and to keep on fighting the good fight.”

Watch Dow Phumiruk on Vimeo

In this dramatic account, award-winning creators Christina Soontornvat and Dow Phumiruk chronicle Tammy’s journey. From her childhood fight to keep her family from homelessness, to her service in the US Army, to her recovery from grievous injuries sustained in the line of duty, Tammy never lost her determination to keep going against staggering odds.

Illustrator Spotlight

Dow Phumiruk was featured in Medscape’s article,

Doctors and Children’s Authors: A Tale of Two Professions:

“I rediscovered children’s books when I stayed home with my kids. I fell in love with the art & decided I would try…that first and eventually I was writing too. I realized I’d been in medicine all this time & I hadn’t nurtured the artistic side of me.”

See Dow‘s Illustrator Highlight here.

Happy Book Birthday

by acclaimed author
Rosanne Parry


Illustrated by

Niki Stage 

With NYT-bestselling Parry’s irresistible text and debut illustrator Niki Stage’s vibrant and detailed illustrations, BIG TRUCK DAY is a celebration of libraries, books, communities, and things that go.

Click image above to view Niki’s unboxing.

Congrats, Niki, on your
picture book debut! 

Celebrating trucks, reading, sharing, and community, BIG TRUCK DAY is a wonderful choice for readers who love vehicles of all kinds and for fans of Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site and Little Blue Truck.

Art by Niki Stage

Includes a note with archival photographs about the history of bookmobiles.

Art by Niki Stage

Featured in:

The On-Sale Calendar: September 2022 Children’s Books (

A celebration of community, cooperation, literacy, friendship, libraries and vehicles of all shapes and sizes – especially TRUCKS!

The book is colorful, using seemingly every color of the rainbow, evoking the feeling of a busy summer day. …the depiction of a diverse, supportive community is heartening, and spreads filled with vehicles will delight readers—a look at the inside of a tractor is especially enjoyable.”

Illustrator Spotlight

Niki Stage is a freelance illustrator and art educator, who lives in the Chicago Suburbs with her family. Her new found passion is for writing and illustrating children’s books. “There is this magic that happens when a story takes a child on a journey of emotion and wonder. I’ve seen it in the faces of my own boys these last ten years.”

From the author:
“It’s an honor to work with a debut illustrator. A mark of confidence from my publisher. I’m thrilled to have Niki Stage on the team. Her art is joyful & energetic. Exactly the vibe I hoped for in BIG TRUCK DAY, a book all about community joy!”
—Rosanne Parry
(on Twitter)

Art by Niki Stage

¡Feliz cumpleaños!

(Spanish edition)

The newest concept board book in Anna Dewdney’s
Learning with Llama/Aprendiendo con Llama Llama
early education series

(Viking Children’s Books)

Illustrated by JT Morrow

Claudia Hoepelman

Art by JT Morrow

Incluida en la selección de grandes éxitos de The New York Times, la serie narrativa de Anna Dewdney continúa con un nuevo libro ilustrado de Llama Llama que nos lleva de la A a la Z.

Art by JT Morrow

Launched by:

Art by JT Morrow


Art by JT Morrow

“Everyone’s favorite llama is back in these Spanish-language board books exploring colors and numbers. … The lilting and rhyming text make these perfect for nap time or lapsits. -VERDICT Great selections for where Llama Llama is a favorite and Spanish-language board books are in need.”
—Shelly M. Diaz

Also available:

Forthcoming in 02/23:

Coming soon:

Author’s Spotlight

Click the above to watch a tribute to our beloved Anna Dewdney (1965-2016), who will forever be in our hearts. Her picture book, illustrated by Judy Schachner, reminds us that EVERYTHING WILL BE OK. Indeed. ♥️

During the month of September, Anna Dewdney‘s selected Llama Llama titles were included in this cool Kellogg’s Feeding Reading Program:

Thank you, Kellogg’s
and Penguin Random House.
You’re Grrrreat!


FAB-ulous FALL News!

Comic Book Resources EXCLUSIVE reveal:

The NYT-bestselling series, The Last Kids on Earth, returns for a new graphic novel spin-off, The Last Comics on Earth (the first book of 4) from co-writers Max Brallier and two-time Emmy and Annie Award Nominee Joshua Pruett, with art by Jay Cooper & Douglas Holgate (Viking BFYR).


“Even before writing for the Netflix series, I was a fan of The Last Kids on Earth and the world and characters Max and Doug had brought to life. Getting to play in their monster and zombie-filled sandbox again is an absolute dream come true. With the wild and wacky story Max and I put together, as realized by Doug and the force of nature that is fellow comics geek Jay Cooper, The Last Comics on Earth is jam-packed with outrageous adventure and big laughs for both new and die-hard Last Kids fans, realized in a way that only a ginormous, full color graphic novel could deliver!Joshua Pruett

Brallier added: “The Last Comics on Earth is a goofy, silly, action-packed graphic novel adventure – loaded with amazing art from Doug Holgate and Jay Cooper—and I hope kids have just as much fun reading it as Joshua and I had writing it.
Viking Books for Young Readers executive editor Dana Leydig brokered the deal for the titles’ rights. “What’s brilliant about The Last Comics on Earth isn’t only its vibrant visuals and pacey plot, but that it can be enjoyed by readers of the original Last Kids series and newcomers alike,” Leydig said. “There are plenty of easter eggs for existing fans to find, and the fun, full-color format has special appeal for younger middle grade readers. It works as both a continuation of, and an entry-point to, the Last Kids universe, and we couldn’t be more excited to launch it into our universe.”


CONGRATULATIONS to our finalists in the 2022 CBC Kids’ Book Choice Awards!


Nationwide long list voting to select the winners of each category ends on 11/13/2022.
Learn more and find the link for kids to vote here.

Stay tuned for Shiho Pate’s next book in the “Animated Science” series: ROCKS & MINERALS (October; Scholastic)

Watch the trailer here: Animated Science : Rocks and Minerals Book Trailer – YouTube


Gregory Barrington’s debut PB, COW BOY IS NOT A COWBOY (HC) – 
last year’s CO Book Award Winner – was selected to represent Colorado Children’s Literature at the 2022 National Book Festival in Washington, DC.

Stay tuned for Gregory’s new PB, GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE KNOCKS (HC),in November!


MORE great news!


Save the date: Original Art Show Oct. 26-Jan. 7th, showcasing the best in this year’s Children’s Illustration.
Opening Reception & Award Ceremony November 10
Congrats Gianna Marino WAITING FOR MAMA / Viking (Jim Hoover; AD)
Judy Schachner EVERYTHING WILL BE OK / Anna Dewdney / Viking (Denise Cronin; AD)

Where’s East/West?



Shannon Hitchcock spoke about FLYING OVER WATER, the book she co-wrote with N.H. Senzai, and signed copies of SHE SANG FOR THE MOUNTAINS.


It’s the E/W contingent in Colorado!
L to R: Dow Phumiruk (faculty; “Productivity Strategies for PB Authors & Illustrators” & “Pitfalls in Children’s Book Illustration”) Ana Crespo (faculty; “Agenting for PB’s & Novels – Ask me Anything”) Heather Brockman Lee (faculty; Illustrator Coordinator), Z.B. Asterplume (faculty; “Dummies for Smarties”), Laura Perdew (faculty; “Writing for the Education Market”) Megan Freeman (faculty as below), Lauren Kerstein, and Safa Suleiman.



Speaking of Megan, there were so many takeaways from your fabulous workshop at our recent ZOOMtacular.



In celebration of our other Latinx authors and illustrators:




We are proud that two of our titles are among the ALA’s “top 100”
(released on 9.27.20 – the latest)…

and most recently, banned in the 2021-22 school year:


Sarah & Ian Hoffman were interviewed on KSQD Santa Cruz Public Radio:
What does representation mean to kids?


October Selected Titles



Art by John Ledda

See John’s Illustrator Highlight here.


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